NDEO’s 15th Annual Conference: A brief recap

Nigel Lythgoe with NDEO executive director Susan McGreevy-Nichols and NDEO staff

“Nigel Lythgoe with NDEO executive director Susan McGreevy-Nichols (third from right) and NDEO staff” – Source: Dance Teacher Magazine

(I’m in the green and blue dress, third from left!!)

Read the article about an exciting new partnership between Nigel Lythgoe’s Dizzy Feet Foundation and NDEO here: http://www.dance-teacher.com/2013/10/the-beginning-of-a-beautiful-friendship-for-ndeo-and-dizzy-feet/


About a week ago, I had the privilege of attending the National Dance Education Organization’s 2013 Annual Conference in Miami, Florida – the organization’s 15th, my second.  As I wrote around this same time last year, the conference is amazing event that brings together educators from nearly every sector of dance education – higher education, private studios, K12 schools, early childhood, and teaching artist organizations – for a long weekend of professional development and overall inspiration.  Last year, I attended as a poster presenter and a graduate student representative from the University of Maryland, College Park.  This year, I had the opportunity to experience the conference from a slightly different perspective – as a member of the NDEO staff.  It takes an amazing amount of time, energy, and passion to put together an event like Conference, and I was glad to be able to contribute it’s success. Not only did I love seeing the joy and inspiration of so many of my colleagues as they experienced the event, but I also had the opportunity to network with many incredible forces within the field of dance education, reconnect with some of my former teachers (shout out to Gretchen McLaine, Karen Bradley, and Adrianne Clancy!), and sit in on a few awesome sessions (including one with Anne Green Gilbert, one of my heroes!). Here are a few photos I was able to snap in the midst of the  12+ hour days:


I encourage ALL of my dance teacher friends and colleagues to join NDEO and consider joining us for Conference next year in Chicago.  It is truly a wonderful organization, and I have grown immensely as an educator because of the resources I have access to and people I have met as a member. As we unite as field, we will be stronger, more visible, and more able to provide access we can provide to safe, holistic, high-quality dance education for every child! Visit www.ndeo.org for more information!


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