Master Class – CoExist Dance

Last week, I had the good fortune to teach a Master Class for dancers with the CoExist Dance Junior Company, a newly formed pre-professional company under the direction of Kathleen Glynn.  Working with the motivated, energetic, detail-oriented dancers made for a truly wonderful Saturday afternoon.  I worked with two age groups, focusing on directional movement, spatial planes, and spirals with each.  In each group, we began with different versions of the “Brain Dance,” a warm-up series developed by dance education guru Anne Green Gilbert, went on to some traveling cardio to get our muscles warm and our heart rates up, and continued with technique-building combinations in the center and across the floor that emphasized on the areas of focus.  Each group was taught a phrase that incorporated elements of the previous combinations, and had the opportunity to perform the phrases for their fellow company members. I was truly impressed by their work ethics, etiquette, and enthusiasm! Check out some photos of our time together below!

Photos courtesy of CoExist Dance.

If you’d like to book at Master Class or Workshop for your students, please visit the Teaching page, and contact me at Classes are tailored to your students’ needs and interests!


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