You might need to bear with me for this week’s #MondayMessage. It’s a little bit out there:

You see, I’ve been struggling a bit lately. Life seems to be coming at me at 1000%, and while I’m grateful for all of the opportunities, I’ve been feeling like I’m always in overdrive. When that feeling takes hold, my physical and mental health often take a backseat. I start making excuses for neglecting the things that I know make a difference at the end of the day: exercise, eating a reasonable diet, taking my vitamins, taking short breaks for myself, asking for help, making a plan and sticking to it, and, yes, drinking water.

About 2 weeks ago, I really started noticing the connection between prioritizing my health and feeling confident and capable in the rest of my life. When I can take the time to put my health and wellness first by making simple changes that make a big difference, I inevitably feel happier, less stressed, and more productive.

One of the easiest and most effective wellness practices for me is to make sure I’m drinking enough water. I like plain old water, and I tend to be a hydration freak. I noticed lately, though, that I hadn’t been as diligent about my water consumption. At the same time, my energy levels dropped, my sugar cravings increased, and I’ve generally been crankier and more stressed out. Staying on top of my hydration is a simple practice that feels life changing, for me anyway!

What is a simple change you can make today that can potentially have a big impact in your life? Maybe its finally getting around to sewing those ballet slippers, or swapping your pre-class, sugar-loaded latte with a healthier energy source. How you feel in your everyday life can greatly affect your performance in the studio. Give yourself a “leg-up” by taking that first small step today!