My Favorite Introduction Games for Dance Classes

The arrival of September officially marks the arrival of the back to school season. The start of a “new year” affords us the opportunity to create brand new communities in our classrooms and studios. So often, we are tempted to immediately jump into technique and choreography, but taking time for team-building exercises and community building … More My Favorite Introduction Games for Dance Classes

Dance Improvisation Tips & Activities

Improvisation can have a vast array of benefits for dancers of all ages and skill levels. When students improvise, they: Discover how to apply technical concepts in new ways, helping them to more deeply understand and internalize their dance technique Develop self-awareness as they explore movement principles and ideas in ways that work best for … More Dance Improvisation Tips & Activities

Empowering Our Ballet Students, Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts on building empowered dancers in the ballet studio. What is an empowered dancer? In my opinion, students who are empowered are: Self-aware and self-reliant (physically, cognitively, and emotionally) Confident and able to make their own decisions Adaptable and open to new ideas Knowledgeable about their own … More Empowering Our Ballet Students, Part 1