More than just a “Master Class” – a custom, comprehensive learning experience for your students and special resources for your staff, including:

  • Pre-event consultation (online/phone) to determine your students’ interests, needs, and goals.
  • An outline of the lesson provided in advance, for faculty’s reference.
  • Conversation with the students at the beginning and end of class to assess their needs and help reflect on the learning experience.
  • Student reference page with important takeaways from the lesson and resources for future study.
  • Faculty reference sheet with ideas for follow-up activities, sample lesson ideas, and resources.

All classes blend dance technique with somatic practices to work on dynamic alignment, safe and efficient movement practices, and coordination and range of motion. Offerings for beginning through advanced dancers include:

  • Modern Dance – Based on Laban and Humphrey-Limon Principles, a traditional modern class including floor work, traveling combinations, and a choreographic phrase (short routine).
  • Embodied Dance History – Learn about key people and events in dance history while moving, discussing, and creating!
  • Contemporary – Fusion of Ballet, Jazz, and Release Techniques with an emphasis on expression and performance quality.
  • Ballet – Options include a classical technique classes based on the Cecchetti method, Contemporary-influenced classes combining ballet technique with more grounded movements and fluidity in the spine, or workshops incorporating pointe work, variations, conditioning and stretch, and more.
  • Progressing Ballet Technique – I am a certified PBT teacher and can incorporate the PBT work into a ballet class for your students.
  • Improvisation and Composition – Discover how to move freely and in your own individualized style, both in improvisation and while creating and refining original choreography.
  • Jazz – Routed in jazz dance history and influenced by classic jazz and musical theatre dance technique, with an emphasis on showmanship and performance quality.

I am also available for private or small group coaching, private lessons, evaluations, and adjudication of solo or group pieces to prepare for performance or competition.

“I enjoyed working with Shannon immensely, in three short sessions we
prepared my video audition for the San Francisco Conservatory Summer
Intensive. The material Shannon used was tailored to my strengths and
had a unique style, and I have her to thank for my acceptance into the
program. Thank you so much!” – Connor Voss

Interested in learning more about guest teaching, workshops, adjudication, or coaching services? Contact me today!





shannon 6

My approach to dance education is holistic, taking into account the physical, psychological, cognitive, and social needs of each student and working to empower them to become healthy, motivated, and engaged individuals in addition to strong technicians, powerful performers, skilled researchers, risk-taking artists, and articulate advocates. I believe in a student-centered approach, allowing the students to find their own pathways, to take ownership of the material, to appreciate their potential for personal growth, and to author their own knowledges and forge their own pathways in dance and in life.

To that end, I believe that educators should be supportive, cooperative and understanding, but that there is still a place in education – particularly in dance education – for discipline and respect. I encourage discipline by helping students uncover their earnest desire to fully comprehend and embody the presented material and fulfill the learning outcomes. With proper support and guidance, the desire for success can lead to the discipline necessary to achieve it. It is my job as an educator to meet the students where they are at, make the material as relevant, interesting, and accessible as possible, and give the students every tool available to engage themselves totally in the lesson. Respect in the classroom must be a two-way street: given and received, both by the educator and the students. I believe that respect is a natural result of honest, open communication and an understanding that both parties’ participation are equally important in the educational process.

shannon 4

As a teacher of dance technique, I believe in using playful, student-centered activities, somatics-based practices, improvisation, peer feedback, and verbal and written self-reflection to help the learners develop their own understandings of the way their bodies work in and through the presented material. My approach to modern dance is rooted in Humphrey-Limon, Laban, and release principles, with an emphasis on functional alignment, use of weight, and fluidity of the spine. My approach to ballet is loosely based on the Cecchetti method, with an emphasis on safe rotation, articulate footwork, efficient movement, and luscious epaulment. My diverse background as a mover allows me to cross disciplines within a single technique class, pulling from the best of ballet, modern, improvisation, jazz dance, somatics, and yoga to create a well-rounded movement experience that helps the students reach their dance goals in both traditional and non-traditional ways.  I strive to help my students become critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, strong technicians, efficient movers, generous performers, and good people!

Consultant and Administrative Services for studio owners and program directors are also available! 

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