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Become a fearless, imaginative, confident choreographer who knows what they want to create, why they want to create it, and how to make their creative dreams a reality with The Holistic Guide to Journaling for Choreographers!

Ae you a new choreographer with big creative dreams? Or maybe you are an experienced dance maker feeling as though you’re in a bit of a creative rut? Do you want to feel more inspired and energized in your choreographic process – whether it is a tap number for intermediate competitors, an evening-length contemporary concert for professional dancers, a musical theatre production for a community group, or something in between? Do you want to spark your imagination and re-ignite your passion for dance-making? Do you want to promote your work more effectively and help attract recognition, audiences, and funders?

The Holistic Guide to Journaling for Choreographer helps choreographers and dance teachers at any stage of their career reflect, rejuvenate, and realize their creative dreams. If you are looking to foster your choreographic vision, communicate your ideas more clearly, or advocate for yourself as an artist, this guide is for you!



Unlock your choreographic potential and ignite your creativity with this newly revised, professionally edited Journaling Guide for Choreographers! 

The Holistic Guide to Journaling for Choreographers contains 52 prompts – one for every week of the year – designed to help choreographers  at every stage of their career unlock their choreographic potential. The journaling prompts guide dance makers through a process of self-reflection, analysis, goal-setting, and exploration that will take their choreography to the next level. Choreographers will:

  • Set creative goals and make a plan to achieve them
  • Reflect on their aesthetic preferences, choreographic experiences, and working style
  • Develop and articulate their choreographic philosophy
  • Engage in hypothetical choreographic projects to expand their creative potential
  • Explore new ways to about their work and why it matters to dancers, audiences, and funders

This journaling guide is ideal for novice choreographers just starting out, students of dance composition, and experienced choreographers who want to reflect on and refine their creative processes and philosophies. Whether you are choreographing recital and competition dances for your students, projects for your own dance composition classes, or professional concert works, you will benefit from the self-reflection and exploration offered in this choreographer’s journal!

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