Dance Analysis Guide


Help your students appreciate, understand, and form thoughtful opinions of dance performance, from classic ballets to iconic modern dance pieces, to Broadway standards and cutting-edge contemporary routines. This is the perfect tool for dance appreciation, history, composition, and even technique courses where concert viewing is part of the curriculum!

Have you ever shown an amazing dance concert to a student, only to have them respond, “I don’t get it?” The Holistic Guide to Dance Analysis will help students view, describe, interpret, and form thoughtful, articulate opinions about dance performances. The ready-to-use guide poses questions about the movement, choreographic form and structure, spectacle and theatrical elements, historical context and creative team involved in a dance work to enable students to view, understand, and appreciate concert dance in new ways.

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Help your students view, describe, interpret, and form thoughtful, articulate opinions about dance performances with this new revised and professionally edited 4-part tool – an ideal template for performance reviews, concert analysis essays, dance history lessons, choreography journals, and class discussions!

The Holistic Guide to Analyzing Dance Performance makes a great resource for dance appreciation, dance history, introduction to dance, and choreography courses in K-12 schools and colleges. It brings a new depth and perspective when used for watching videos in technique classes, rehearsals, and after-school dance clubs. You can also use the questions as a framework for discussions of student work in composition or choreography classes.

Save yourself the time and hassle of drafting outlines for your students’ papers and discussions, and get this done-for-you tool today!  The guide features questions to help students:

  • Observe and analyze the movement, choreography, and spectacle
  • Interpret meaning from their observation and analysis
  • Consider the context in which the work was created
  • Form and articulate their opinion about the piece

….as well as a worksheet designed for in-class use or as an organizing tool for their observations.

The guide is recommended for students age 12+ with some dance experience. It is also appropriate for older beginners, such as students in introductory college level courses. This resource is based on my experience as a performer, choreographer, and educator of ballet, modern, musical theatre, jazz, and jazz-derived forms like lyrical and contemporary, and teacher of theory classes such as dance appreciation and dance history. It is designed to be broad enough to apply to a range of dance genres and choreographic styles, but it does come from the perspective of Western concert dance.

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