Spring Dance Games


If Spring is in the air, chances are your students have a lot of pent-up energy ready to let loose! Or, maybe they are in the throws of the “Spring Slump:” feeling are overwhelmed by rehearsals, competitions, school deadlines, social commitments, and exams? In either case, The Holistic Collection of Dance Games for the Spring Season makes the perfect addition to your Spring lesson plans!

These educational dance games offer a productive respite from traditional class exercises, while helping students grow in dance technique, artistry, and overall well-being through social and emotional learning. They provide a fun way to review skills and concepts learned during the year, while channeling the energy that comes with a bit of spring fever. Shake up your dance class routine and let your students learn through play – a sure way to put a smile on their faces and a little extra spring in their steps!

These Spring-themed games are sure to keep your students engaged and learning all season long. The collection features 15 unique and ready-to-use dance games for all ages that celebrate the all things Spring and Spring Holidays – from “Caterpillars and Butterflies” to “Faerie Garden” to “Jelly Bean Jive” to “Movement Catch!”



A truly unique collection of innovative dance games that perfectly channel the exuberance of Spring – while helping your students grow in dance technique, artistry, and overall well-being through social and emotional learning. This collection has been newly revised and professionally edited, and is the best way to bring something special to your Spring dance classes! This collection of one-of-a-kind dance games is on sale for just $8 through March 31, 2022!

This ready-to-use collection of educational dance games is perfect for the busy dance teacher who wants to bring some educational fun and creative play into their classes without having to do a lot of extra planning. The detailed explanation of the learning objective and instructions for each activity make it easy to use these games in class, while the list of ways to change up each activity over multiple uses keeps these games fresh and interesting all season long!

The Collection contains games that celebrate different aspects of the Spring season, including growing gardens, muddy puddles, baseball, St. Patrick’s Day, April Fool’s Day, and Easter. Each game listing includes a description of the primary learning objective, detailed instructions, ideas for adapting the game for multiple uses, Covid-19 considerations, and music recommendations. The activities can be adapted for use with students of all dance genres and skill levels, and are recommended for students age 5 and up. They are suitable for in-person, socially-distant, online, and hybrid dance classes.

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