The Holistic Guide to Journaling for Dance Students

Are your students fully engaged in their dance training? Do they know what they want from their dance experience, and how to get it? Do they how they will use what they have learned in the studio throughout the rest of their lives?

Do you have students who are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or uncertain about their futures as dancers? Do they seem to question why they are dancing? Could they benefit from some positive, encouraging self-reflection?

The Holistic Guide to Journaling for Dance Students will help your students take charge of their dance training! Through the weekly journal prompts, they will set goals for growth in dance technique, artistry, and overall well-being while reflecting on the important role of dance in their lives.

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Dance Journal Ideas

The Holistic Guide to Journaling for Dance Students

Designed for students age 12+ with some dance experience. Also appropriate for older beginners, such as students in introductory college level courses. Document arrives in PDF format. Please allow up to 48 hour for delivery at the email address you provide at checkout. Thank you!


What dance professionals are saying about The Holistic Guide to Journaling for Dance Students:

“Shannon, I absolutely love The Holistic Guide to Journaling for Dance Students. It allows me to have a conversation with each student in a way that is non intrusive and supportive. Thank you so much.” – Susan P.