The Holistic Guide to Creating a Dance Teacher Handbook

Studio Owners and Program Directors, this one is for you! Is your staff on the same page when it comes to things like student dress code, class rules, studio culture, social media, and what to do in the case of an emergency? Do you find yourself dealing with confusion around special events, private lessons, choreography, staff meeting attendance, and pay rates? Have you had to to set new policies or clarify expectations throughout the season to resolve issues as they arise?

When expectations are not clearly outlined, chaos, confusion, and resentment can ensue. Providing your staff with a detailed handbook can help create the studio culture you want: a happy staff, a consistent experience for students, and fewer fires to put out throughout the year. The Holistic Guide to Creating a Dance Teacher Handbook will help you clarify every aspect of employment at your studio or program. Simply plug your own studio information into this template, and make this the easiest, most organized year yet for communicating with your staff!

This resource is also available as part of The Holistic Dance Studio Owner/Program Director Bundle, with resources to help streamline your workload and foster a more positive studio culture. Get the full collection and save!

The Holistic Guide to Creating a Dance Teacher Handbook

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What dance professionals are saying about The Holistic Guide to Creating a Dance Teacher Handbook:

“Shannon is a very insightful and knowledgable individual in the dance industry. I am a brand new performing arts academy opening in fall 2017 and she took the time to share a lot of helpful information as well as a copy of a teacher handbook she put together. It is so nice to have professionals in the industry looking out for each other and offering a helping hand. Thanks Shannon for all your wisdom!” – Strive Performing Arts Center