The Holistic Guide to Getting to Know Your Students

The Holistic Guide to Getting to Know Your Dance Students is designed to help you better connect with your students, so that you can teach them more effectively and create a more positive class culture.

Creating a personal connection with students is a hallmark of culturally relevant and student-centered teaching practices. When you get to know your students personally, you can:

  • Develop more effective teaching and assessment strategies that help them reach their individual goals.
  • Create a curriculum that is both diverse in content and responsive to students’ unique cultural backgrounds, dance experiences, and individual needs.
  • Create a class community that celebrates shared interests and traditions, while accepting each students’ unique experiences and perspectives. 
  • Connect with students by using music, cultural references, and imagery that they can relate to.

Part 1 of the guide is a series of 8 ready-to-use worksheets. There are two worksheets each for elementary, middle, high school, and collegiate students. The first worksheet for each age group is designed for students with limited dance experience, such as students in introductory classes, compulsory K-12 dance classes, aftercare programs, and non-major college courses. The second worksheet for each age group is designed for students who have more experience with and interest in dance training.

Part 2 of the guide is a Question Bank featuring 52 questions that teacher or students can choose from to create their own worksheets. The question bank features questions on a range of topics, some directly related to dance and some not. There are similar questions worded in different ways, allowing you to choose the phrasing  that would best resonate with your students. 

Use this guide alone or in conjunction with The Holistic Guide to Goal-Setting for Dancers and The Holistic Guide to Journaling for Dancers to help you connect with your students all throughout the year!

The Holistic Guide to Getting to Know Your Dance Students

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