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Dance teachers, studio owners, and program directors: Do you find yourself having difficulty with student evaluation and assessment? Do parents and students challenge you on level placement? Do you want to make sure your students are progressing not just in dance technique, but also in artistry and social-emotional skills? This newly revised, beautifully re-designed Holistic Guide to Dance Student Evaluation is the perfect tool for you! Now featuring a Canva template that you can use to easily create fully customized rubrics of your own!

Resources from The Holistic Dance Teacher Collection have been used by hundreds of dance educators in over 20 countries, with over a thousand copies sold in under 2 years! 


Get ready for your easiest dance student evaluation process ever – and get on your way to creating the studio culture of your dreams – with this beautifully designed, full customizable student evaluation guide!

The Holistic Guide to Dance Student Evaluation is a comprehensive resource for positive, growth-oriented, and holistic evaluation of your students’ learning. The guide leads dance teachers, studio owners, and program directors through the process of evaluating their dance students based on dance technique, artistry, and social-emotional skills. By having a comprehensive evaluation process in place, dance teachers can ensure that their students are continually learning, improving, and working toward their goals.

This comprehensive dance student evaluation guide includes 3 detailed rubrics that assess student performance in:

  • Dance technique – using detailed breakdowns of technical concepts and skills that are shared among most dance genres, including alignment, coordination, balance and use of weight, space, and level.
  • Artistry – using artistic skills that are relevant for all dance genres, including musicality, dancing alone and as an ensemble, and portraying a mood, emotion or character through their movement.
  • Social-emotional skills that all students should be working toward, regardless of the dance genre they study, including persistence, team-work, respect, and responsibility.  

Also included are 4 additional documents:

  • A blank rubric on which you can list the specific dance skills, concepts, and vocabulary of the dance form that the students have been working on throughout the term.
  • A questionnaire to solicit additional written feedback from the dance instructor about the students’ growth and progress during the term.
  • A student self-reflection form, to engage dance students in the evaluation process and better understand their goals, motivations, and self-perception.
  • A parent/guardian reflection form to engage dance families in the evaluation process and help them understand their dancer’s goals, motivations, and progress throughout the term.
  • An “Overall Evaluation Notes and Recommendations” page on which you can document general notes about the dancers’ progress, recommendations for their future training, and classes to register for next term, if applicable.

Using all these modes of evaluation together provides a comprehensive understanding of student learning and growth; however, the pieces can be used separately as well. They are adaptable for use in any dance environment, from studios to universities, and for teachers of any age group, skill level, or dance genre. You can print the PDF rubrics and hand write on them, or follow the link in the document to find a customizable Canva template that you can use to create your own highly-professional version with your studio’s logo, colors, and evaluation items.

Using The Holistic Dance Student Evaluation process studio or program-wide can help studio owners and program directors ensure that their students are progressing appropriately through the curriculum, and that student leveling is as fair and unbiased as possible.

Your purchase includes unlimited printing and copying privileges of this PDF document for use with your own classes or within your school or studio, as well as access to the customizable Canva template to create your own version. For unlimited access to the document, please create an account at checkout so that you can log in anytime you need to download and print the document. The document will also be sent in PDF format via email upon completion of order. Please check your spam/other folders for the confirmation emails. You can also follow the prompts on the PayPal payment confirmation page to be redirected back to this site to download the PDF. If you do not receive the email promptly, please check your Spam or Other folders. All sales of digital resources are final. No refunds or exchanges are offered on digital products. Please email with any questions or concerns.

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