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The Holistic Dance Teacher

  1. An approach to teaching and choreography that focuses on each dancer as an individual and an important part of their dance community, with equal emphasis on growth in dance technique, artistry, and overall wellbeing through social and emotional learning
  2. A collection of affordable resources that help teachers and choreographers easily implement The Holistic Dance Teacher Approach in their classes and creative work – without sacrificing work-life balance.
  3. Online services to support teachers and choreographers in their work, including online adjudication, coaching, and consultation.

What People Are Saying

Shannon is a very insightful and knowledgeable individual in the dance industry. I opened my performing arts academy in fall 2017, and she took the time to share a lot of helpful information as well as a copy of a teacher handbook she put together. It is so nice to have professionals in the industry looking out for each other and offering a helping hand. Thanks Shannon for all your wisdom!

Shannon, I absolutely love The Holistic Guide to Journaling for Dance Students. It allows me to have a conversation with each student in a way that is non intrusive and supportive. I change the questions slightly to fit my curriculum and the content we are presently working on. Thank you so much.

I think The Holistic Guide to Goal Setting for Dancers is very thorough with excellent examples of goals.