Artistic Statement

My goal as a choreographer is to make work that empowers participants and engages audiences, providing an opportunity for both groups to see themselves, their communities, and the world in a new and more thoughtful, positive way. My work focuses on abstract story-telling, using movement, words, and design as the tools to convey a message. My approach to choreography is collaborative, and I value the dancers’ creative contributions to each project. When creating dances for students, I actively involve them in the creative process, teaching them about dance making as we choreograph together. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege and joy of working with many musicians, actors, writers, and other creative people. I am committed to making accessible, engaging work for a variety of audiences, most especially those who would not normally seek out concert dance.

What People Are Saying

Your blog posts are incredibly important, not only in offering nuts and bolts ideas for navigating this strange world we’re in, but also in giving me a sense of online dance educator community. Your blog and the ideas explored there, particularly around improv and class structure, are inspired and instructed. Your dance improv prompts and journaling prompts for both the synchronous and asynchronous components have been helpful. Your web design is excellent – creative and easy to use. I hope you find the time and energy to keep it coming.
Lisa K.

I bought the Holistic collection and it exemplifies everything I love about teaching dance, creating good people and interesting artists. I love all of the resources I’ve received this far!!
Miranda O.

Explosion Dance