Choreography Adventures are innovative prompts that can be used by dance makers at any stage of their career to create short, informal, and experimental “dancettes” wherever they may find the space and time – whether it is in the studio, out in nature, or in their living room!

Use the Choreography Adventures to flex your choreographic muscles, push your creative limits, and make a small stash of dances that you can draw from when you feel “choreographers’ block” coming on. They also make perfect exercises to use with students in improvisation and composition classes. Because the prompts are playful and fun, they allow for students to engage in creative exploration without intimidation. Because they are open-ended, they allow for students to explore in a way that is safe and appropriate for their own skill level and personal development. Because they are not genre-specific, they can be used in classes of any dance style – even ballerinas need to flex their choreographic muscles from time to time!

Share your “dancettes” inspired by the Choreography Adventure prompts using the hashtag