More than just a “Master Class,” my workshops are a unique way to supplement your students’ training. Each workshop is a fully customized dance experience that focuses equally on technique, artistry, and overall well being through social and emotional learning. The workshop experience includes:

  • Pre-event online consultation to determine your expectations and students’ interests, needs, and goals
  • Conversation with the students at the beginning and end of class to assess their needs and help them reflect on the learning experience
  • Student reference page with important takeaways from the lesson and resources for future study
  • Faculty reference sheet with ideas for follow-up activities

Choose from the following offerings, or inquire about custom options:

Modern Dance

A traditional modern class with a contemporary twist, based on the principles and styles of Rudolf Laban, Doris Humphrey and Jose Limon, and Paul Taylor.

Embodied Dance History

Learn about key people and events in dance history while moving, discussing, and creating!


Fusion of Ballet, Jazz, and Release Techniques with an emphasis on expression and performance quality.


Options include classical technique classes, contemporary-influenced classes, or workshops incorporating pointe work, variations, Progressing Ballet Technique, and more. I specialize in making ballet relevant and accessible to dancers with limited ballet experience!

Improvisation and Composition

Discover how to move freely and in your own individualized style, both in improvisation and while creating and refining original choreography.


Routed in jazz dance history and influenced by classic jazz and musical theatre dance technique, with an emphasis on showmanship and performance quality.

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