For Students

My individualized coaching sessions are designed for students who want to improve their technique and artistry, while also focusing on their overall well being. Coaching is available in modern dance, classical and contemporary ballet, jazz, jazz-derived styles including lyrical and contemporary, and improvisation. Online and in-person options include:

  • General coaching to work on a technical concept
  • Performance coaching to prepare for performance or competition
  • Feedback and choreography coaching for student choreographers 
  • Audition preparation, including choreographing audition combinations and coaching performance


For Studio Owners, Teachers, and Choreographers

Discover how to implement The Holistic Dance Teacher Approach in your dance program, class, or company. I offer affordable custom coaching sessions for working dance professionals, including studio owners, teachers, and choreographers! Let’s meet over Zoom, on the phone, or in-person to chat about studio and program management, pedagogy and teaching methods, marketing, and choreography – all from The Holistic Dance Teacher point of view.

Shannon is a very insightful and knowledgeable individual in the dance industry. I opened my performing arts academy in fall 2017, and she took the time to share a lot of helpful information as well as a copy of a teacher handbook she put together. It is so nice to have professionals in the industry looking out for each other and offering a helping hand. Thanks Shannon for all your wisdom!


Get Started

To learn more about this service, please contact me.