Online Adjudication

I am happy to offer a fresh set of eyes on a dance piece for performance, competition, or an audition, with quick turnaround and great rates. As an adjudicator, I provide comprehensive feedback on choreography, technique, and performance. I bring 15 years of experience as a choreographer, performer, and educator to the adjudication process, specializing in ballet, modern, musical theatre, jazz, and jazz-derived forms like lyrical and contemporary. I have served as an adjudicator for performances, festivals, and competitions in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Arizona.

I pride myself on bringing a careful eye, attention to detail, and thoughtful feedback that is encouraging, supportive, and effective. When adjudicating performance, I help students grow in dance technique and artistry, while also supporting their overall well-being throughout the adjudication process. I aim to help them develop a stronger understanding of their own dance technique, become more efficient and stronger movers, and become expressive powerful performers. When adjudicating choreography, I help artists refine and communicate their choreographic intention, while also paying attention to form, style, and audience impact.

I am happy to provide feedback verbally and in writing, with great rates and quick turnaround times. To learn more, click on the links below or email me for more information.