Class Observation Worksheets (Intermediate/Advanced)


Keep your students motivated and learning when they have to sit out and observe of class with this collection of 5 unique worksheets designed especially for intermediate and advanced students age 12 and up!

Dance teachers, it’s inevitable … no matter how much we encourage injury prevention and hand-washing, we’re going to have students who need to observe class due to injury or (non-contagious) illness. We want our students to make the most of their time observing, but let’s be honest – creating material to keep them learning while they watch class can be tedious and time consuming. If you want to help you students stay engaged while sitting out – without making more work for yourself, you need The Holistic Collection of Dance Class Observation Worksheets!


Resources from The Holistic Dance Teacher Collection have been used by hundreds of dance educators in over 20 countries, with over a thousand products sold in under 2 years! 


No more worrying about what students should do when they have to observe class – this collection of newly revised and professionally edited worksheets makes it easy to keep students engaged, without making more work for you! 

This set of 5 unique worksheets will save you the hassle of figuring out what students should do to stay productive while sitting out of class. Save time and keep students engaged in class with these ready-to-use worksheets! Designed especially for intermediate and advanced students age 12 and up, these worksheets help students learn how to watch, think about, and write about dance. The worksheets are appropriate for classes of any dance genre, although they are based on my experience teaching creative dance, ballet, modern, jazz, and jazz derived forms such as lyrical and contemporary.

The worksheets help students develop observation skills, make connections, examine class dynamics and relationships, reflect on their own attitudes, habits, and qualities, and apply what they are seeing to their own training when they are cleared to return to class.

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This resource is also available as part of The Holistic Dance Teacher Bundle, with resources to help streamline your workload and foster a more positive studio culture. Get the full collection and save!


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