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The best-selling resource in The Holistic Dance Teacher Collection… used by hundreds of dance educators and choreographers around the world in studios, schools, and universities. This newly-revised edition has been professionally edited, updated with more detailed instructions, and includes 3 brand new activities!

The Holistic Collection of Dance Improvisation Prompts and Activities features 28 ideas for dance improvisation, from solo explorations and prompts, to games and community building activities. Whether you are introducing students to improv for the first time, or want to challenge your advanced students with new improv concepts, this collection will make it easy for you – and fun for your students! Some activities titles include: Into the Floor, Environment Dances, 4 by X, and Birds on a Wire.


Resources from The Holistic Dance Teacher Collection have been used by hundreds of dance educators in over 20 countries, with over a thousand products sold in under 2 years! 


Make your lesson planning easy and keep your students engaged with these 28 unique dance improvisation prompts and activities – newly revised, updated, and edited!

This ready-to-use guide is perfect for the busy dance teacher who wants to incorporate improvisation into their classes without having to do a lot of extra planning. Teachers who are new to improvisation will benefit from the detailed explanation of the learning objective and instructions for each activity, as they make introducing improvisation into your classes a breeze. Experienced improv teachers will be able to give their classes a breath of fresh air with new and innovative activities, and can benefit from the list of ways to adapt each exercise for multiple uses. The activities are accessible and fun for students who are new to or apprehensive of improv. They also challenge and inspire more experienced improvisers.

The 28 activities include solo and group explorations of space, time, energy, initiation, and level, as well as activities to foster personal expression, creativity, and teamwork. The activities can be adapted for use with students of most dance genres and skill levels, and are recommended for students age 8 and up. Each activity listing includes a description of the primary learning objective, instructions, ideas for adapting or changing the exercise, and discussion questions.

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This resource is also available as part of The Holistic Dance Teacher Bundle, with resources to help streamline your workload and foster a more positive studio culture. Get the full collection and save!

1 review for Improvisation Prompts & Activities

  1. shannondoolingdances (verified owner)

    “I love all the creative ideas you put together in The Holistic Collection of Dance Improvisation Tips & Activities! Encouraging some silliness in activities like the “Wacky Waving Arm Flailing Tube Person” is refreshing. I also really love all the variations on Body Writing. I have so many positive things to say about this guide!” – DJ, dance educator in New York

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