Creative Rest Activities for Dancers

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A brand-new resource in The Holistic Dance Teacher Collection, designed to provide you with the rest, rejuvenation, and recovery you need to be at your best as a dancer, dance teacher, or choreographer throughout the dance season! 

Making time for creative rest activities in our dance classes, rehearsals, or personal practice is an important way that we can keep our minds, bodies, and spirits refreshed and ready for whatever the dance industry throws at us next. The 15 dance activities in this collection are designed to help you easily embrace creative rest in your own life, and share it with your dancers. You will love the physical, emotional, mental, and creative restoration that you’ll find through adding these creative rest activities to your lesson plans, warm-up routine, or workout schedule!

Resources from The Holistic Dance Teacher Collection have been used by hundreds of dance educators in over 20 countries, with over a thousand products sold in under 2 years! 

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The Holistic Collection of Creative Rest Activities for Dancers includes 15 dance activities designed to help dance students, teachers, and choreographers embrace creative rest in their classes and personal dance practice. This resource will help you relax, rejuvenate, and reset during the busy holiday season – or any time you find yourself in need of refreshment and inspiration physically, emotionally, and creatively! It is available now on sale for only $8! 

Taking time for rest in and out of the dance studio can have many benefits. It can help our bodies recover physically from overuse and help prevent injuries. It provides a much-needed brain break, giving our minds time to process information we have received and prepare to receive more. It can help us overcome creative blocks that keep us from working at our full potential. It can encourage new ideas and fresh perspectives, fostering creativity and improving our artistry. It can help us reignite our passion for dancing, educating, and choreographing.

Creative rest consists of purposeful and thoughtful exercises and activities designed to give us the time, space, and intention to:

  • Reconnect with our bodies, restoring our physical well-being and refreshing our energy levels;
  • Refine our teaching, learning, creating, and performing practice;
  • Reignite our creativity and artistry;
  • Reflect on where we’ve been and where we want to go, in our careers and in our lives;
  • Restore our enthusiasm, passion, and love for the art of dance.

Each of the 15 activity listings in this collection includes a description of the activity’s objective, detailed instructions for completing the activity, and reflection questions. The activities consist of gentle movement practices, guided movement meditations, and creative improvisation explorations created to help your find refreshment and restorations physically, mentally, emotionally, and creatively. They are designed for dancers, dance teachers, choreographers, and anyone who is interested in movement and creativity. While the activities can be adapted for movers of most ages and skill levels, they are best suited for those age 12 and up. 

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  1. shannondoolingdances

    Review submitted by email: “I absolutely LOVE this guide for creative rest. I appreciate that the order of the exercises progresses so it can be used as a flow too. ”
    -Blayne Stine, VA

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