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Do you feel as though you’ve hit a creative rut? Do you want to feel more organized in your choreographic process? Do you want to be prepared and ready to make the most of every rehearsal? The Holistic Dance Teacher Choreography Planner helps choreographers and dance teachers at any stage of their career find creative inspiration, organize their choreographic ideas, and strategize ways to bring their vision to the stage, site, or screen.



This guide is perfect for choreographers and dance teachers working with intermediate through professional dancers. The multi-part tool includes brainstorming questions to help you source creative inspiration, organizational questions to help you keep track of your ideas, planning questions to help you bring your best to each rehearsal, and advocacy questions to help you produce and promote your work.

The Planner based on my experience as a dancer, dance educator, and choreographer working in ballet, modern, jazz, and jazz-derived forms including lyrical and contemporary for over 15 years. It is made to be applicable to a wide range of dance forms, although it does come from the perspective of Western Concert Dance.

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