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Keep your creative spark ignited all year long with The Holistic Collection of Choreography Adventures! This collection includes 52 choreography prompts – one for every week of the year – that will help you find new choreographic inspiration and hone your dance composition skills. Reflection questions are included with each choreography prompt, to be used for journaling or discussion.


Resources from The Holistic Dance Teacher Collection have been used by hundreds of dance educators in over 20 countries, with over a thousand products sold in under 2 years! 


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Ignite your creativity and hone your choreographic skills with The Holistic Collection of Choreography Adventures!

Choreography Adventures are innovative prompts that can be used by dance makers at any stage of their career to create short, informal, and experimental “dancettes” wherever they may find the space and time – whether it is in the studio, out in nature, or in their living room!

Use the Choreography Adventures to flex your choreographic muscles, push your creative limits, and make a stash of dances that you can draw from when you feel “choreographers’ block” coming on. They also make perfect exercises to use with students in improvisation and composition classes. Because the prompts are playful and fun, they allow for students to engage in creative exploration without intimidation. Because they are open-ended, they allow for students to explore in a way that is safe and appropriate for their own skill level and personal development. Because they are not genre-specific, they can be used by choreographers and students of almost any dance style.

The 52 choreography prompts in this collection include explorations of body and space, story and narrative, movement quality, and more. Each prompt is accompanied by reflection questions that can be used for journaling or class discussion.

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This resource is also available as part of The Holistic Dance Teacher Choreography Bundle, with resources to help streamline your workload and foster a more positive studio culture. Get the full collection and save!


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